Another single from the Event Horizon album. This is one of the older songs on the album, with the chord sequence dating back to 2007 or so.

Event Horizon released!

SelfCensored Records is proud to announce the release of Galen Clavio’s newest album, titled “Event Horizon”.

After a two-year hiatus, Galen Clavio returns with his seventh full-length album. Titled “Event Horizon”, this eight track album was written and recorded over a period of four years, and captures an artist in transition both musically and philosophically. These songs were written and almost entirely recorded by Clavio alone, in various studios in both Florida and Indiana.

Here are Clavio’s track-by-track notes on the album, as well as his summation of the album as a whole:

ALBUM NOTES: This is a special album to me, but it’s also been a pain in the ass because it’s taken a long, long time to put out. I started work on this album almost a year before my last album (Against The Sun) came out, but it’s been difficult to get everything the way I hear it in my head. I was determined not to rush it out the door, but it’s also a very laborious process, and a lot of time was spent in the production booth trying to come up with the right sonic mix for each song. I really think this album represents the best work I’ve done from both a production and a technical musicianship perspective so far, and that’s very important to me because I didn’t want the quality of the songs to be hindered by any issues with the playing or the mix.

Thematically, this album is really about transition, and decisions. I think that comes through in most of the songs, although I didn’t set out to make a concept album or anything like that. It’s just a set of songs that captures a period in my life that was full of change — some of it great, some of it terrible, and all of it hard to get a handle on.


Darvocet – This started off with the working title of “Oasis Chord Sequence”, and used to be a lot slower and acoustic-only. The basic tracks were recorded in Miami, with the overdubs mostly done in Bloomington. Lyrics were from an earlier, unreleased song, written after a trip back to my hometown.

Whiskey in the Wintertime – The oldest song on the album, with the music dating all the way back to 2004, but the lyrics constantly changing until the song’s initial recording, in June 2008 in Miami. A personal reminder that childhood wasn’t always something worth missing. Erik Miller on bass, RIP.

Lemonade – Written and recorded entirely in Bloomington. Don’t stop wondering, it gets you unalive.

Right Over My Head – A lot of the writing process looks incomplete from the outside — you come up with a chord sequence, maybe a snippet of melody, then you either do something with it immediately, save it for later and hope something comes of it, or it vanishes. This one could have easily vanished, but it fortunately got recorded on a demo reel and turned into one of the emotional cores of the album.

Lost Myself – Another relatively old song, dating back to the original Against The Sun sessions in 2006 (back when it was still called “Interstate 23″ or something like that). Lyrics took a while to come together.

Lipgloss – Composite lyrics. Singular music.

Afterwards – I tend to write about things that create a deep sense of feeling, and it so happens that many of those things are negative or sad. But this song is positive and forward-thinking, and that represents something new for me.

Windward – The wisest men follow their own direction. Consciously done in a quasi-bossa nova style. Jobim might not have approved. Gilberto might have.

The album can be purchased at the following links:

Also available on Spotify!

Track listing:

  1. Darvocet
  2. Whiskey in the Wintertime
  3. Lemonade
  4. Right Over My Head
  5. Lost Myself
  6. Lipgloss
  7. Afterwards
  8. Windward